Carlos began his fitness and sport journey back in high school with the Maryland Bowie Bulldogs, winning the football 4A State Championship in 2001. He continued to play football at Frostburg State University , where he received his B.S. in Exercise Sports Science in 2008,

with a concentration in Health and Fitness. In 2014 Carlos’ fitness and sport journey took a new turn as he challenged himself to become a professional physique competitor. In just his second competition he won his first pro card, winning the NGA Mount Rogers/Pro Blowout competition two conservative years 2014-2015, and placing 3rd overall in NGA National Pro Universe in 2015.

As CEO, and Head Coach of Beyond Fitness, Carlos D. Brevard’s focal point is to demonstrate how life can be enhanced by including health and fitness within your daily life schedule. Carlos believes that a healthy mind and heart¬† is key to achieving and maintaining desired results, and fitness is more than just achieving large biceps and a flat stomach io, but fitness and wellness is a lifestyle that you learn to live and enjoy.¬†

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